Welcome to Creative Learning Children's College. Founded on Christian values, Creative Children’s Learning College is an innovative daycare and latchkey provider that offers before and after school transportation. We strive to provide your child a positive, friendly, Christian environment in which they can learn and interact socially with other children in their age group.

Creative Learning Children’s College’s “Philosophy” utilizes a High Scope curriculum that emphasizes discovery learning through hands on activity, incorporating some elements of creativity and entertainment. Creative Learning Children’s College understands that every child learns and becomes successful at his/her own pace, developing necessary skills to become critical thinkers and problems solvers. Parents will appreciate the value of spontaneous learning and play tailored to the social, cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional development of their children. Our activities will provide experiences that allow each child to make proper choices that will encourage his/her self-esteem and discipline in caring for his/her fellow classmates.

Proud To Be A Participant Of The Great Start Readiness Program and Matrix Head Start!